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I like this album's place in my catalog. This little digital mess here was made in a sketchy little one bedroom house in Texas in my after work time and weekend hours, on a prehistoric IBM Thinkpad while drinking 40's of Mickey's, and being a determined tyrant on Fasttracker 2. It has a feeling of being separate from my other stuff in that it feels somewhat more modern sounding, (no tape fuzz lol) in some ways, but it's deliberately savage and beats are either stationary or just shift into something else. I had a thirst to make some tracks driven by my imagination and creative impulses and be fresh. I was geeking out in these sessions, going to some dark digital world of imagination; a resurgence after a dormant period. Fearless, but not acrobatic. I think I'm a little more seasoned here, yet jaded by my past tunes and all music. I was believing in being Pressure Clown, and trying not to make Pressure Clown sound like anyone else. there's a couple musical cliches in there here and there. But they get demolished quick. The arrangements here are either going with the flow, or impulsively disassociative. It's somewhere outside what's beautiful, but there's a beauty in it. There's some tactfulness in the moves I make.

Like a soundtrack journey into a 16 bit cartoon movie gone darkly disturbed after too many future parties and calamities in cyberpunk hell. My odd, rebelliously shifty beats and mutant melodies will do something to you. But what? I'm not sure... So... Listen with care, or be reckless and turn it up.

There's some mellower, even ambient tone based ones, and hyper, unbalanced ones that jump around and smack things. High energy and low energy. Something different every time as usual.

I'll take you to a new place every track; however, you may be worried or disappointed, afraid even, with where I'm taking you. I'm not disappointed because I know SOME weirdo/s will like it. Are you one of them? I made something different and it was nice to enjoy drinking and smoking to it after it was finished. Continuing to push and evolve and not lay dormant; not just talk about making shit. Some tracks are just sloppy experiments in my opinion, I kept it raw and all inclusive. Descriptive details will be provided on at least a couple of tracks, because the stories are interesting. I have to get these all out before focusing on "New New" Pressure Clown. Another relic album here, I hope you enjoy these digital monsters. Please do it somewhat safely. This one was probably done around '09. At least it's not as creepy and dark as the next one I'm releasing.


released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Pressure Clown Toledo, Washington

I sample my own tones, sounds, and instrumentation, and I play and arrange them in compositions to bring my odd imagination satisfaction. In the early days I sampled tv shows, records, and my sounds into keyboard instruments to create strange moments, statements, emotional expressions, unique musical events, and little worlds of sound. Pressure Clown , it's my madness for your brain snacks. Yum! ... more

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